The Blind Side is the true story of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a traumatised homeless kid from the Projects in the ghetto who turned his life around with the help of a wealthy family who becomes a NFL first round draft-pick for the Baltimore Ravens.

Michael Oher (or Big-Mike) does not know his father and his mother is a drug addict – left to wander the streets homeless, he is taken in by Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and her family when they see him wandering in lashing rain one night. The Tuohy’s clothe and feed Oher as well as let him stay on their couch and accept him as part of their family.

Although a huge kid, he is a gentle giant – shy and protective of his new family. So when he’s given the opportunity to play football (American Football) for his school, the coach has a hard time getting Big Mike to put his strength and size into play. Its Leigh Anne Tuohy who realises how to connect with Mike and helps him to realise his potential both on and off the Football pitch. The Blind Side film review Play Eject

Teachers presume Oher is stupid as he doesn’t contribute in classes but with the help of a few teachers and encouragement from his new family, Oher is given the opportunity to improve his grades so he can try to get into college where NFL Football starts for all players. We follow Michael’s progress as he is given encouragement and support that is alien to him while Leigh Anne does all she can to help give this under privileged boy a chance at being someone and something.

Throughout the story, The Blind Side shows the two sides of the Michael Oher story – from his viewpoint as someone who had nothing to live for and no self belief, as well as the effect on the Tuohy family introducing someone with a very different background to their lives. Sandra Bullock gives a fantastic performance in what is a great film.

The film follows the book: The Blind Side – Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis but is in fact a true story. Michael Oher now plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL.

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