Ever wondered why things happen? Or how things would have turned out if they’d been done differently? Well according to The Adjustment Bureau that can never happen as everything we do is carefully plotted out for each of us and any deviations from that plan is simply unacceptable.

So when New York Senator David Norris (Matt Damon – True Grit) bumps into ballerina Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt – The Devil Wears Prada) and throws both of them off ‘the plan’, the mysterious men in hats step up and take charge to rectify things.

But Norris is already smitten with Elise and goes out of his way each and every day for the next three years to try and find her in the bustling city of New York. When he finally does see her again and throws himself off his destiny, The Adjustment Bureau once again step in and try to take charge of the situation. Norris goes on the run with Elise as he knows that letting her out of his sight again would result in the Adjustment Bureau agents changing both their destinies so they never meet again!

The Adjustment Burea film review PlayEject

Matt Damon running – this happens a lot

As the Bureau can use any door to travel great distances around a city, this proves to be a difficult task as staying one step ahead of a pre-determined fate seems impossible.

Its a very clever story thats based on the short story “Adjustment Team” by Phillip K Dick and is a bizarre mix of romance and thriller where Matt Damon seems to spend most of his time on screen either looking over his shoulder or on the run which we found to be ok to start with but towards the end was getting a bit annoying.

Meanwhile Emily Blunt plays the care-free ballerina who is unaware of the Bureau and the challenge faced by Damon and the forces trying to keep them apart. This means Emily Blunt’s character spends most of her time looking confused and being almost dragged around New York.

The Adjustment Burea film review PlayEject

The Bureau!

For the most part we really enjoyed watching The Adjustment Bureau – its unique and has some great scenes which not only make you think but will pull you in and make you feel for the characters. The despair Damon is able to portray as a lost sole looking for his one true love with everything against him is brilliant and its also a novel role for him to take rather than being the all-action hero he is much more inclined to run than stay and fight.

But for all its good, we did feel that at one particular part The Adjustment Bureau (the film, not the actual bureau) did start to waver a bit and hits a bit of a lull before picking back up again. Not that it should discourage anyone from watching.

There’s enough going on in the background in terms of sub-plots but we felt more could have been made of the Bureau and their characters – a small moan which by no means should overlook a great film.

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