Terminator must be one of the most recognisable names in movie history. In the 90′s you couldn’t end a conversation without someone saying “I’ll be back” or “Hasta La Vista, baby”. The Terminator films helped Arnold Schwarzenegger shoot to stardom back in the 80′s. So a reboot of the Terminator franchise which brings the story full-circle was eagerly anticipated. We see if Terminator Salvation can live up to it…

For those that aren’t familiar with the whole Terminator story, John Connor is a hero from the future who sends back in time a fellow solider to help his mother (Sarah Connor) survive against a deadly Terminator who has also been sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor so John Connor cannot be born, thus allowing the Terminators (human-looking robots of various shapes and sizes with a metal exo-skeleton making them very hard to kill) to succeed in world domination. In the first film, Arnie is sent as a baddie Terminator but in the next two Terminator films, Terminator 2 and Terminator: Rise of the Machines, he aids a young John Connor and keeps him alive.

Terminator Salvation kicks off in the future – the machines have already begun their rise to power and have forced the human race to live underground or on the run. Skynet has launched its automated defense against the humans and begun to fight back. Early versions of the T-200 Terminator are everywhere – it doesn’t look good.

A band of soldiers, led by John Connor, are on a mission to salvage intelligence on the machines so they can find a weapon powerful enough to kill the Terminators. In the process, John Connor finds himself discovering certain things that he already knew he would (from his encounters with the Terminators earlier in his life where Arnold Schwarzenegger told him what the future was like in T2) and John Connor eventually meets Kyle Reese, the solider sent back to help Sarah Connor in Terminator 1 – an amazing moment for fans of the series as there’s so much to think about in terms of time lines and possibilities that it hurts our heads just typing it!Terminator Salvation Movie Review PlayEject

Throughout the film there are some excellent references to earlier films throughout the series. From small things like the battered locations in the future that were in the earlier films, to the dialogue which varies from subtle to obvious references that help explain certain events and behaviours from other films.

There’s some pretty good action scenes thrown in as you’d expect. Everyone in the PlayEject team remembers at least one moment from a Terminator film where the robot is chasing someone and simply cannot be stopped – Terminator Salvation will create some moments like that too.

If you’re not a fan of the Terminator series then Salvation would just be another film with lots of guns and a confusing plot. It would still be enjoyable but you would get so much more from the film if you are a fan or have seen the other films.

We can’t confess to being huge Terminator fans, despite having seen them all. We did, however, enjoy Salvation – Christian Bale and Sam Worthington are great and if you take the film for what it is, rather than expecting an Oscar Winner, you won’t be disappointed.

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