Takers is a film based in LA about a group of successful bank robbers, made up of Chris Brown, Idris Elba (The Wire), Hayden Christensen (Star Wars/Darth Vader) and Zoe Saldana (Avatar) amongst others. At the start of Takers, we see the robbers pull off a clever stunt where they rob an executive bank and escape with ease from a news helicopter on the roof. The professional bank robbers are then seen in smart suits, fast cars, massive homes and living a luxury lifestyle.

Cue Policeman Matt Dillon (Crash) who is on the other side of the law, working hard to get the criminals and far from enjoying a luxury lifestyle. He wants to get the bad guys and clean up LA in true hard-case detective style.

With another former gang member just released from prison for good behaviour, he goes looking to catch up with his old buddies to get in on a new job that would bring in a massive pay load for each of them. But can he be trusted especially with the Russian mafia somehow involved in his shady background?

The film progresses with little background story to any of the characters and its not until the film gets near the end that everything starts to slot into place and subtle references made early on can be related to and make sense. Thats not necessarily a bad thing as it provides a few sub-plots to the overall main story that keep it interesting.

The main downside of Takers was the acting – it wasn’t great from anyone. From looking at any of the characters on the cover you could stereotype how their screen counterparts would play. Matt Dillon is mean and moody, Idris Elba is a lot like his character from The Wire (in control and pretty much the boss) – it was all too obvious – and don’t get us started on why bags of cash were being carried around when it could be wired…!

If you’re into run-of-the-mill action films then this might be of interest. For us at PlayEject, we were a bit disappointed with most of it but there are some good parts.

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