At first glance Source Code looks a bit familiar – it reminded us of Tom Cruise’s Minority Report coupled with Groundhog Day – a soldier is thrown into a scenario where he must stop something bad from happening and must do this again and again until he does it right. We enjoyed both of those films so it was interesting to see if thats how Source Code really is or if we had it all wrong!
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US Army Helicopter Pilot Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up on a commuter train with no idea how he got there. Sat opposite him is Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) and with the train headed for Chicago, Colter freaks out and discovers he’s inside the body of a man he doesn’t know. After being on the train for a few minutes and trying to work out what is going on, the train explodes into a fireball killing everyone on board.

Colter wakes up alone in a small dark room with no memory of previous events until a voice comes over a loudspeaker and coaxes his memory back into place. Its here the drip feeding of information begins to Colter and to the viewers – Colter is part of an anti terrorist project named Source Code which allows one person to venture back into a segment of time before an event happens. Its a bit like time travel except not quite as the event has already happened – the mission is to find out as many clues as possible so they can stop the next bomb from going off in mid-town Chicago.

Because Colter is not given the full story about how he got where he is or how it all works, the viewer is also kept in the dark which adds depth to the film, making you not only try to work out who the bomber is but also what the back story is – there’s clearly more going on than the people at the Source Code HQ are letting on and as the film unravels you realise how clever the story is.
Source Code film review PlayEject
At times it does get confusing – the amount of to-ing and fro-ing that Colter Stevens does and his theory on the whole Source Code project throws a curveball onto the plot – especially towards the end. And when the end credits start rolling its a film that will make you turn to you fellow audiencee and ask what the hell went on there!? Sparking a reaction like that and making you think can only be a good thing in our opinion.

The obvious love story is a bit flimsy – we’re not 100% sure if the couple know each other (or how well) until we’ve seen a few ‘flashbacks’ but it adds another level to the whole story especially towards the end when Colter divides his time finding the bomb and falling in love with Christina.

In all, we really enjoyed Source Code – its something a bit different with a few surprises thrown in. Cleverly done so that each flashback means Colter starts from the same place but gets new and different outcomes each time. The conflict for all involved draws you in and you won’t be able to help yourself from discussing your own thoughts and theories on the whole Source Code project.

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