Sorority Row is a teenage horror film about a group of college girls, sorry – Sorority Sisters, who stick together no matter what. When they set up a practical joke on a boy for cheating on one of the girls, the prank goes wrong and the girl ends up dead. Covering up the murder to save their own skins, the girls eventually graduate college but are stalked by a serial killer who knows their dirty secret and is taking them out one by one!
Sorority Row film review PlayEject
Sound familiar? It could be a draft from the scripts of any well-known teen-horror films such as Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. The difference with Sorority Row over the others is that it was released about 10 years later and hopes nobody remembers the originals.

For some viewers thats not a bad thing – fans of the Scream series will enjoy Sorority Row whereas others may find it tedious. All the big cliches are thrown in for good measure – the girls with the perfect bodies, the boys with muscles and the elaborate parties where everyone’s having a great time to generic music and behaving impeccably. Maybe we’re just jealous because we never got to go to any of these parties. Or maybe they only exist in American Teen-Horror films!?

There’s no real big surprises here – its a classic who-dunnit with a few little twists. We couldn’t figure out why some people were being targeted by the killer at first but then put it down to gratuitous and to build up the killers role. Who also looks remarkably familiar…
Sorority Row film review PlayEject
Another nod towards Scream is the cloaked killer with the dark hood and pimped out tyre iron (the same thing that killed the original girl) but this has blades on it (naturally) so the kills are very much in the same genre style. Our ‘favourite’ being the young man who is killed through a wall while hanging upside down. Normally that would be a spoiler but given Sorority Row follows the same blueprint as other films in this genre, its pretty clear from the first few scenes who is going to be killed and who is not.

Overall, we weren’t that impressed. Maybe 10 years ago at the peak of the teen-horror films with Scream, etc being churned out then it may have been bigger. Instead we are left with a few ‘good bits’ from films gone by and the rest is crammed with girls in bikini’s, topless boys and a few scenes of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) with a shotgun. We kid you not.

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