After seeing the trailer for Skyline, the PlayEject team were very excited – we admit freely to loving a good alien/monster movie and this one looked right up our street. With the massive space craft seen hovering over the cities with helpless people getting sucked up and the strange blue light, Skyline was definitely on our radar.

Skyline starts off promisingly well with a couple, Jarrod (Eric Balfour – 24) and his pregnant girlfriend, waking up to a bright blue light outside their window. When they hear screams from the next room, Jarrod investigates but finds himself transfixed by the blue light and we see his skin turn an odd colour and his veins bulge before the camera cuts and takes us back 15 hours earlier. So far – so good.

We then get introduced to the couple who are visiting Jarrod’s successful friend, Terry (Donald Faison – Scrubs) and his wife in LA. Its not long before we are given a quick introduction to everyone and the lives of the rich in LA before we end up back at the scene with Jarrod being sucked towards the blue light…

Skyline takes a different approach to the alien-invasion genre and becomes a battle to survive rather than fight back with the group of survivors arguing amongst themselves which is the best course of action – sit it out or make a run. Rather than see ‘heroes’ in a film of this nature it is refreshing to see the main characters scared and not knowing what to do for the best – a sense of desperation.
Skyline movie film review Play Eject
Unlike another recent movie release of the same genre (Monsters) we do see a lot of the aliens and their main aim becomes apparent as the film progresses. However, Skyline does feature a lot of slo-motion sequences which at first are acceptable to emphasis the action but after a while (and each scene featuring any action) it does become annoying.

We also got the impression that the writers lost their way with Skyline – with what starts off so promising and a possible Cloverfield beater soon starts to feel like there was no definite direction. We won’t spoil any part of the film in terms of what happens but after you watch the film you will probably see what we mean.

Overall, its not a bad film but its really not the blockbuster that the trailer made it look. There are a few familiar alien-stereotpyes (tentacles that come from something larger and look for humans, etc) and annoying moments but at the same time its fairly enjoyable.

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