If you had a Playstation in it’s prime then you will no doubt have played a rather disturbing (at the time) game called Silent Hill which was supposed to be scarier than Resident Evil but more focused on drama than blazing guns. In 2006, the Silent Hill film was released, based on the first game of the series which sees a small girl, Sharon, experiencing haunting nightmares about a place called Silent Hill.

Causing her parents major upset, mother Rose da Silva (Radha Mitchell) decides to hit the problem head on and takes Sharon to the small sleepy town to try and quell the problem against her husbands will. Meanwhile Christopher da Silva (Sean Bean) is left at home wondering what has happened to his family who are trapped in a horrifying and strange town where the children have all been taken by a demon and the only occupants seem to be gas-mask wearing troops who disappear at the sound of a WWII siren.

We can remember playing Silent Hill when it first came out and being scared back then with only a flash light and a crowbar to fight off hoards of faceless enemies whilst wandering around the Midwich Elementary School hunting for the missing Rose and Sharon and the film has managed to take the majority of key elements of the original game and cross into the film well. The story has changed ever so slightly (probably for more dramatic story-telling) but we have no complaints there.

Also we were treated to another piece of nostalgia by way of the mysterious fog that surrounds Silent Hill at all times. Originally, the fog in the Silent Hill game was due to a technical restriction on the draw rate of the pixels on the PS1. However, it also served its purpose as an eerie environment which the film has used to its advantage. One for the geeks!
Silent Hill film review PlayEject
In terms of the horror element we are not shy to admit that we jumped in a few places but at the same time we were also let down in places we really thought could have done more to scare the wits from us. Some of the special effects look poor in places but again other sections do look quite good.

If you’re not a fan of the games or aren’t into supernatural-horror then this really isn’t for you and you’d be disappointed but for gamers who want to see a decent transition from game-to-film as well as be entertained for the most part then Silent Hill is worth a butchers. Yes there are holes in the plot, some poor cgi and it perhaps drags on a bit towards the end but its good enough.

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