Ah the Scream series – for the last 10 years pretty much every teen horror-with-a-serial-killer film has borrowed something from the original not to mention the spoof films that followed! 10 years have passed since the original killings in Woodsboro and celebrity victim from way back then, Sidney Prescott, has returned to her roots to perform a book signing on her experiences. Upon her arrival into town a new spate of killings begin with the same Ghostface and knife – cue Scream 4!

Packed with cliche’s from the start, Scream 4 makes no bones about being slightly tongue-in-cheek and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’ve seen any of the others then you’ll know what to expect – a cast of familiar faces and a decent amount of killings by a masked serial killer who runs rampant amongst an otherwise normal town in the American suburbs.
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From the earlier Scream films you may remember the ‘film within a film’ of the Stab movies – essentially the original Scream story retitled that became famous because of Sid Prescott (Neve Campbell) and Gail Weathers (Courteney Cox). With the new Stab film on release, everyone is hyped up about the Ghostface without realising they are all potential victims of a real life killer!

As always, there’s the stereotypical gang of popular and cool teenagers and a few geeks who get their time to shine as they are self styled experts of horror movies and therefore are suddenly given some limelight and treated as one of the cooler kids.

scream 4 film review PlayEject

Dewey, Sid and Gail return in Scream 4

The supporting cast throws up a few familiar faces – Heroes buddies Hayden Panettiere and Kristin Bell appear as well as Adam Brody from The OC. Its actually good fun trying to work out who’s going to be off’d next and who the serial killer is – we had a bet from the start but failed miserably when that person kicked the bucket – if you watch Scream 4 in a group then its actually a lot more fun.

Although Scream 4 isn’t the best in the series and far from being the best horror film it is entertaining, funny and better with a group of friends. If you can watch the film with same light heartedness that it was made in then you’ll enjoy it for how it is meant.

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