Salt is an action thriller starring Angelina Jolie as a CIA agent suspected of being a spy for the Russians after claims made against her by a defecting terrorist that she is key to assassinating the President of Russia.

Salt’s CIA boss defends Salt who goes on the run, trying to protect her husband in the process and clear her name. The damage has already been done though as the information given by the defecting terrorist causes the agency that Salt has worked for to turn against her and make every turn a dead end while she fights for survival and the truth…

This fast paced movie will have you thinking with the twists in the story trying to work out exactly what the film tag line asks – “who is Salt?”. There are so many occasions in the film where you question who is on who’s side and who can you trust that the suspense to the climax of the film is well delivered.

The action sequences are slightly over the top (in true Lara Croft/Angelina Jolie style) but make the film entertaining and fit in well with the spy-thriller genre that other films have had success from (Bourne, etc).

In all, this is a very entertaining film with a good story that will keep you wanting to know what happens.

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