Red is an action comedy film starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovic and Helen Mirren as 4 retired CIA black op field agents. Each of these retired agents are also considered extremely dangerous and therefore codenamed R.E.D (retired and extremely dangerous).

The retired agents are trying to adjust to normal life but soon find that their training and years of experience come in very handy when a conspiracy to kill them comes to light.

Frank (Bruce Willis) and his love interest are forced on the run by the conspiracy and try to get to the bottom of the plot while fighting their way through enemy secret agents with the help of his old friends (Freeman, Malkovic and Mirren).

The story is fairly good and the action scenes as big and bold as the Die Hard films. The humour is also along the same sort of lines as Die Hard, with quips being made rather than full on jokes.

John Malkovic arguably steals the limelight in Red after his character was submitted to LSD testing every day for a number of years. His suspicious mind and love of overly large weapons is reminiscent of Murdoch from the A Team.

The plot in Red is well delivered with a few twists and turns but the main feature of Red is the great cast. If there were not so many big names then this film may not have been as good. Perhaps unfair to say so but after seeing the film if anybody other than Malkovic had played that role it likely wouldn’t be the same!

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