We do love a good horror film at the PlayEject Towers, more so if it involves zombie related incidents. Quarantine is one such film – not quite a horror film and not quite a Zombie film but just enough of both to be interesting, entertaining and scary while done on a pretty tight budget. But is it really all that good?
Quarantine film review PlayEject
A news reporter, Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman, Scott (Steve Harris) are shadowing LA’s fire department for an evening when they get a callout to an apartment block where reports of an old lady screaming from inside her locked apartment raise concern. It turns out she’s been infected with some sort of illness that has given her an appetite for flesh which spreads after being bitten.

It doesn’t take long before lots more tenants are also infected and what started off as an intriguing news story becomes a desperate fight for survival with no chance of escaping the apartment block with SWAT teams barricading the exits.

Quarantine is filmed entirely through Scott’s camera which gives the whole film that Blair Witch style effect and helps bring a sense of panic and disorientation that the characters in the film are also feeling. It can be annoying when something does pick up focus or isn’t quite in shot – as per a real cameraman might do, but only adds to the whole creepy effect that is pushed even further by the talents of Jennifer Carpenter with a decent performance.
Quarantine Film review PlayEject
It is clear in parts that there wasn’t a huge budget for special effects or CGI but as with most good horror films, its not what you see but what you can’t see that creates as much tension as anything else and Quarantine has plenty of moments that will have you grabbing that pillow to hide behind as well as a storyline that might not necessarily be ‘realistic’ but isn’t so far fetched that you lose interest.

We really enjoyed watching Quarantine – there’s a familiar face or two for fans of 24 and Heroes (Rade Serbedzija and Dania Ramirez) but the gripping story which is well told coupled with the Survival horror element makes Quarantine one of our surprise favourites.

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