Born with powers beyond the norm, small groups of people all over the world have used their gifts for good and for bad. When secret government experiments on a drug used to enhance these powers starts to kill all test subjects, two young Americans in Hong Kong use their powers to find the latest test subject who has escaped in Push.
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Nick Grant (Chris Evans) is hiding away in Hong Kong after hiding from the man who killed his father because of his powers. Living in secret while trying to win at illegal gambling by using his powers, Nick is discovered by Cassie (Dakota Fanning) who has the gift of being able to see the future or intentions of their focus. After bring brought up to speed on the girl who has escaped the test labs of the secret government agency trying to inject her with a trial drug that enhances the development of the powers, Nick and Cassie set about trying to save the girl in a strange country with gangs of other super-powered people also chasing them.

Push is one of those films that sounds good, starts off promisingly but then wilts away the longer you watch. Despite having a decent set of characters with powers that could be put to some good use to make a comic book style film a cult classic, Push leaves the audience partly confused with the over complex story line and wanting more from the slow paced action scenes.

With the entire story taking place in Hong Kong, the culture of the locals and the environments allow for a different take on the more traditional super-power film which are usually set in Manhattan. Gangs of Hong Kong triads chase through market squares and shanty towns and scenes on the Hong Kong harbours might look good but the tediousness of everyone being American or British of any real significance being in Hong Kong at the same time doesn’t carry over very well. It all feels a little bit out of place.

Push Film Review 2009 Dakota Fanning PlayEject

Drawing the future in Push

The various powers that are thrown into the mix during Push are also a bit odd – there’s the Watchers like Cassie, who can see the future, the Pushers who can influence people and create entire back stories and histories for their subjects to get them to do their bidding and there’s the ones with more action-based powers like Nick who can shift objects using kinetic powers and the very odd and seemingly pointless banshee type screamers who need to remove their sun glasses to unleash a loud wail which makes people roll around on the floor for a bit.

So against all traditions of location and powers, Push has delivered a film that goes against the grain to try and do something a bit different and ended up with something that works in parts but fails to really get across in full the action, drama and story. If you like comic-book films then you’ll probably enjoy Push for what it does but if you’re not a fan of those sorts of films then Push is unlikely to win you over.

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