Predators – even the name sounds a bit scary. Afterall, its a word to describe something that hunts down its prey with the intent to kill. Being dropped into a dense jungle with no memory as to how you arrived with a bunch of strangers is also scary. Finding out you’re being hunted by a gang of Predators – well thats not much fun!!

And thats essentially how Predators begins – Royce (Adrien Brody)waking up in the middle of a jungle with some strangers and then going on the run to survive against the deadly enemies that are seemingly hunting for fun. The strangers introduce themselves to each other and between them work out that they are all highly skilled fighters of some kind. From Special Forces veterans to Japanese Yakuza (Gangster), it seems the best of the best are all thrown in together on what they soon discover is an alien world, home to the Predators, where they are hunted as part of a game.Predators film review PlayEject

The band of soldiers get some help from the strange character, Noland (Laurence Fishbourne) who has been trapped on the planet for years – surviving by learning about the Predators and hiding in an old crashed ship. Noland and Royce put together a plan to get off the planet but ego’s and tempers flare and cause disarray to the plans.

The twist on the traditional Predator story is clever – it has always been the Predators coming to Earth to hunt humans. Taking humans out of their comfort zone and hunting them for sport is a novel spin and in theory it works well. The action is mostly huge guns against the stealth of the aliens but the story moves along well for the action to stay in keeping and not gratuitous.

Unfortunately Predators is not as good as we’d hoped. After seeing the trailers, we were hoping for some unbelievable moments of tense action and fast paced survival. Instead, the pace slows half way through and only picks up again towards the end. Laurence Fishbourne’s character is also mostly a distraction and we felt that the story would’ve been the same with or without him. Not a judgement of Fishbourne, who plays worryingly can play a crazyman with ease, but more of the script and story.

Its a shame that after waiting so long for a decent Predator solo film (Predator 2 was shocking) that we get a good effort that falls short.

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