Despite limited expectations as to the quality of any acting or the depth of any storyline, we found no shortage of interest or excitement for the arrival of Piranha 3D. Such enthusiasm is usually reserved for hotly tipped Oscar winners, but on this occasion, the fervour generated can be summed up in two words, Kelly Brook!

Much of this films’ pre-release hype focused on a bikini clad Miss Brook who spends much of the time with the equally attractive Riley Steele (porn star and playboy model for those who have never heard of or at least claim to have never heard of Miss Steele!). Despite the soft-porn sell, this CGI enhanced reworking of the original 1978 film begins with a nostalgic touch for those Jaws fans amongst us with a cameo appearance by Richard Dreyfuss. This briefest of cameos however soon comes to an end with an underground earthquake releasing thousands of prehistoric piranha into Lake Victoria and devouring Dreyfuss.

With the earthquake coinciding with the lake being overrun with spring break revellers, more victims are sure to follow. The inevitable gore fest is made to wait however whilst Brook and Steele deliver on the pre-release hype by spending a not too considerable length of time cavorting naked in the sea. Following for some what will become freeze frame moments, the gore fest begins and the fish feeding frenzy truly kicks into action. The once body-beautiful revellers are shown no mercy as the flesh is ripped from their bodies. With limbs masticated to the bone, the sea is transformed red awash with blood.

As a film that doesn’t look to take itself too seriously (lines such as ‘that piranha stole my penis’ being evidence of such), this tongue-in-cheek offering by far and away exceeds our admittedly limited expectations delivering a funny, at times terrifying but ultimately, enjoyable film.

Guest reviewed by DallasDavies

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