You always know that things aren’t going to turn out well if the first scene of a film is the film producers thanking the families of the film. Katie and Micah experience some very creepy and scary things after they move in to a new home in Paranormal Activity.

Billed as one of the scariest films in decades, the PlayEject team were a little nervous doing the Paranormal Activity review – we’d seen the famous screens of the people in the cinema jumping, screaming and crying(!) while they watched in terror.
Paranormal Activity 1 Film review PlayEject
To set the secene, Katie and her boyfriend Micah have just moved in to their new home where they are experiencing some creepy happenings during the night. Lights coming on, doors opening and closing, etc. After calling in a local ghost doctor we find out that Katie has been haunted since she was 8 years old but nothing had happened since she was 13.

Micah has set up a camcorder to record every event so they can track what is happening and work out what it is. The camcorder is the view we see for the entire film. This only adds to the sense of terror that Paranormal Activity throws at the audience. As the camera is set up at the foot of their bed each night, we are shown a series of recordings of bangs, thuds, growls and god only knows what else over the next 90 minutes.

Its easy to criticise Paranormal Activity and say its a cheap horror film – yes it was done a tight budget but that doesn’t mean any expense was spared when it comes to being scared. In our opinion, anyone who says they didn’t jump at least once or feel any sort of anxiety/terror is lying. You can’t help but get drawn into Katie and Micah’s world – something the camcorder angle brings in brilliantly.
Paranormal Activity Film Review Playeject
At times we did find ourselves simply waiting for the next scary part which would indicate that the acting during ‘normal’ parts (ie, no demons!) is not that great. There’s no realy story other than Katie being haunted by a demon and Micah being a bit of a tool of a boyfriend in trying to find it.

That’s another gripe we have – if you’d been asked by your obviously-scared-beyond-belief partner not to get a weejee board then why would you go out of your way to do it? Its not the only thing Micah does to ‘aggrivate’ the demon spirit and although it helps the story progress a bit faster, it just felt as though certain things were thrown into conversation so Micah had the opportunity to do the opposite and make the story and demon seem scarier and bigger.

Its for those reasons that Paranormal Activity fails to become a 5-star film but make no mistake, this film will make you jump and want to leave all the lights on when you go to bed. In terms of entertainment value, after the relatively slow start, Paranormal Activity will please those who seek to be scared while others will just be scared witless! Not sure we have the nerves for the next installment!

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