Morning Glory was not really a film we were that excited about watching. It looked a lot like a female Anchorman but without Ron Burgundy. – criminal. However after watching it we realised we’d been pleasantly entertained for the duration and laughed along at a few of the lines despite not being the target audience.

Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller, a television producer for a tv network company who make her redundant to keep the shows costs down. Having pinned her hopes and dreams on someday being an executive producer she lands her dream job on a struggling morning breakfast show – DayBreak – and finds it is all far from her dream!

Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) and Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) are the shows hosts who each think the other is degrading the quality of the show with their own ego’s. Poor ratings and a shoddy line up of guests and features for Daybreak mean Becky Fuller has to pull out all the stops to save the show as well as her career.
Morning Glory film review PlayEject
Harrison Ford is brought in as Mike Pomeroy – the old pro who’s a former hard line news reporter who doesn’t like gimics and treats reporting news as a sovereign entity whereas Diane Keaton as Colleen Peck has been on the Daybreak show for so long and has lost respect and motivation for everything. An uphill struggle for Becky Fuller who is also trying to sort her own love life out at the same time!

It may not sound that great but in actual fact its pretty good. We weren’t bowled over by anything staggering but did enjoy the light heartedness of Morning Glory. As with all films of a certain genre it is fairly obvious how the film will pan out in the end but the journey along the way was more than acceptable.

Despite being reviewed by a male PlayEject team member, Morning Glory didn’t feel like a usual Chick-Flick as there were no mushy love scenes or unnecessary ‘pondering’ moments before a grand reunion. It was just a pleasant film.

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