Super Heroes are everywhere – whether its a family of Invincibles or a human spider! But Super Villains are almost always overlooked until now…

Megamind grew up wanting to be the next Super Hero but was overshadowed by Metro Man, the faster, bigger and better looking of the two heroes. Using his genius power, Megamind’s obvious path was to go down the evil route and terrorise Metro City with his wierd and wonderful contraptions and do battle against Mega Man.

But when Megamind finally does it and defeats Mega Man, achieving his ultimate goal to take over Metro City he realises that its not as much fun when there’s nobody to challenge you. Using his Mega mind, he creates a new super hero (Titan) to use as a scripted foe which doesn’t go to plan. Add to that Megamind falling in love with Metro City’s star reporter Roxanna Ritchie and a whole series of events take place full of action and comedy as Megamind tries to get life back to how it was.Megamind film review PlayEject

Megamind stars some famous voices in the form of Will Ferrell (Megaman), Brad Pitt (Metro Man) and Tina Fey (Roxanne Ritchie) – all of whom are great matches for their on screen characters. There’s a few other famous voices that you’ll recognise, including Jonah Hill as Titan and one or two others…

The story itself starts off quite weak but does get better. Its quite similar to Despicable Me but not as good. We also found that as a more ‘mature’ audience than Megamind is aimed at, there we not really any gags especially for adults as there is with the likes of Toy Story 3 or Despicable Me which is a shame.

The animation is top quality – some of the scenes are so crisp in HD and if you’ve got the 3D ability then you’re in for a treat. For those watching on standard definition you won’t be disappointed though.

Overall, Megamind is ok – kids will definitely enjoy it but there are much better animated films available that are better (Despicable Me and Up).

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