Meet the Fockers: Little Fockers is the third film in the Fockers series which stars Ben Stiller (Zoolander) as Gaylord ‘Greg’ Focker, a male nurse who has married into the Byrnes’ family and is the son in law to Jack Byrnes – Robert De Niro (Godfather 2) – an ex CIA spy who has his own ways of doing things and is the typical over-protective father in law. If you’ve seen any of the other films in the Meet the Focker series then you know what to expect from this.

This time around, Greg Focker is a dad of 2 twins in a typical family with his wife in their own little bubble of existence. The upcoming birthday party of the twins is upcoming and all in-laws are invited (including Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand as the Focker grandparents). As well as trying to arrange a successful party for his two kids, juggle his home life and try to keep up with his job, Gaylord Focker is told by Jack that he is to take over the mantle as head of the Brynes family!Meet the Fockers film review PlayEject

Throw in to the mix that Jessica Alba appears as a medical rep at Fockers work place, trying to get him to represent her company at a series of forthcoming seminars (for gentleman problems!), Jack Byrnes and his Circle of Trust kicks into overdrive with the usual Focker-style incidents that the series has become famous for.

And thats the problem really – some of the lines and scenes are funny – they won’t necessarily have you in stitches though. And if you’ve seen the other two Focker films then you’ll know exactly what you’re in for and – almost disappointingly – you’ll be able to work out the story from start to finish within the first 10 minutes.

Having said that, judging Little Fockers in its own right, its not a bad film. As we’ve said – it is pretty funny. The story is a typical comedy-with-family-values scenario and the zany character of Owen Wilson is great.

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