When we saw the trailer for Machete we couldn’t wait to see it – with the traditional classic Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) feel and big Hollywood names with some awesome looking fight scenes and tongue in cheek 70′s dialogue, we were hoping for another Kill Bill…!

Machete (Danny Trejo – Predators) is an ex-Federale of Mexico who is set up and betrayed by the same man who hires him to assassinate a ruthless Texas Senator who is fully against illegal immigrants. As Machete dodges the setup, he goes on a rampage on all things corrupt to get his revenge!

Along the way, Machete sees so many high profile stars that we’d miss someone out if we started listing them here. Steven Seagal playing an evil Drug Baron with a Samurai sword is funny to watch but no funnier than seeing the self-promotion videos for Senator John McLaughlin played brilliantly byMachete film review PlayEject Robert De Niro (Little Fockers) who is so over the top with his anti-immigrant persona that its actually funny!

Other famous faces include Lindsey Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey and Jessica Alba – all playing their parts superbly and helping to make Machete (the man) become a legend and Machete (the film) a brilliantly entertaining cult film.

While we know that this genre or style of film doesn’t appeal to everyone, it should be judged on its own merit. While the Quentin Tarantino-feel of Machete is alluring at first, the over the top violence and dialogue may turn some viewers off.

All in all, we enjoyed Machete for what it is – a film that made us smile at the funny parts, enjoy the action and root for the good guy. It might not be a Tarantino beater but Robert Rodriguez, in our opinion, has done good.

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