What if a pill could make you rich and powerful? The tag line from Limitless and for most people is a rhetorical question. Being given a chance opportunity to take a pill from his ex brother-in-law, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper, The Hangover Part 2) is a washed up writer who is lazing through life. But one little pill changes everything!

The pill enables the user to use 100% of their brain rather than the standard 20% and therefore making them much more focused and clever. There’s no super-powers involved or any strange tricks – its all about the user being able to think in a totally new way that allows them to basically achieve anything they put their mind to. Learning languages, successful in business and finishing novels are all on Morra’s agenda.

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Washed up writer and Clear Pill – what could go wrong?

But when he learns of other takers of this clear pill, Eddie Morra realises he’s in deep trouble especially when he’s being chased by a business tycoon and fellow pill-taker while trying to stay rich and impress his new boss, Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro, Meet the Fockers) who is a man you simply don’t let down.

Pretty soon things get ugly for Morra with drug dealers shaking him down as well as blackouts and nausea. Stopping taking the pills isn’t an option and finding more becomes a task in itself – a drug users nightmare!

And apart from the drama and the glitz Limitless portrays, that is exactly what this film is about – a drug addict’s life glamourised for screen. It’s all done very well and not at all gratuitous or anything like other Drug films such as Trainspotting, etc.Limitless film review Bradley Cooper PlayEject

As if to mirror the main character’s life, Limitless licks along at quite a pace – its not long before we come full circle to the very first scene with Eddie standing on a high rise balcony about to commit suicide with an angry mob outside his door. Flashing back to how he got there and then continuing this scene may have all been done before in Hollywood but at no point does it feel as though that the story was set up for this scene in the interest of getting an attention-grabbing intro to a film.

Although we were perhaps expecting something different from Limitless, we were entertained throughout. De Niro isn’t a major player in the film but plays his part well as one would expect. Bradley Cooper shows he can do more than comedy with a decent performance and Anna Friel is barely recognisable as the ex-wife who crops up mid way through. Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch) is the long suffering girlfriend of Morra who stands by him and also has a decent performance.

Overall, Limitless is a film that will entertain for the duration and raise a few questions amongst some audiences. It may not be a contender for Film of the Year but its good none the less.

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