Let Me In is a dark tale of young love mixed with a modern day horror story. Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) moves into a quiet suburban area of apartments with her father but is only ever seen at night. Kodi Smit-McPhee plays Owen, a lonely teenager who is bullied at school and ignored at home, also living in the same apartment block. When Owen and Abby (played by Chloe Moretz) become friends, the each start to learn more about life in a way they never knew possible.

Here at PlayEject we alway promise not to give anything away to spoil a film or game in our reviews. As Let Me In has a few twists and turns along the way we can’t really say too much about the plot but can tell you that there were a few times when watching it when we were literally brewing with suspense and the more ‘delicate’ of us were hiding behind a cushion at one point. Thats not to say its a scary film per se’ but more that there are parts of it that build up towards a suspenseful moment.Let Me In Film Review PlayEject

Let Me In is not a conventional horror film, its more accurate to say its a thriller but with a nod towards horror and romance. If you were to go into this film expecting to be scared witless then you’ll be disappointed but then if you were expecting a more grown up version of the Twilight Saga films then, again, you’ll be disappointed. Abby may be a vampire-esque creature but its not about the vampire acts, more how the girl has to cope with life and her friendship with Owen.

It is a film worth watching and something that you’d probably watch again but not straight away. The dark and moody lighting is suitable for setting the tone of Let Me In without going over the top and because the main characters are kids, the reality of modern day kids living in run down areas is captured well. There are heart-tugging moments that the harder of audiences won’t be bothered by but those with a softer side will.

Let Me In is a relatively unique film that tries to offer something for everyone without really fully committing to any of the main genres. Its not an out and out Horror, its not got enough depth to be a full on thriller and its not enough to be a love/romance story. There’s no action to speak of but having said all that it is an entertaining and enjoyable film.

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