Inception had a massive build up before it was released with Leonardo DiCaprio the main star of a film that is set around the world of dreams, imagination and action.

Its hard to exactly say what the film is about without giving too much away – the main premise of the film plot is that dreams can be manipulated to any means. DiCaprio is a highly skilled thief who attempts to make an Inception into the dream world to make one final grab at redemption for the life he’s no longer able to have.

The idea behind the film is brilliant as are the special effects and the storyline which really does make you think ‘what if…’ and more appropriately ‘what the…?’. The twists in the story and the action scenes are believable and unexpected which make Inception one of the best films of 2010 and also one of DiCaprio’s best.
Inception Film Review PlayEject
The supporting cast is made up of familiar faces such as Tom Hardy, Ellen Page and Michael Caine to name just a few, which add to the quality of the film.

Inception will really make you think – keeping up with the pace of the action is one thing but keeping up with which ‘level’ of dream the team venture into is another thing. The sub-plots behind some of the characters also add a great deal of depth to the film so it doesn’t feel all about DiCaprio.

This is not a film to watch as something in the background as it would not only lose most audiences but would not do the film the acclaim it deserves.

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