Have you ever thought: what happens when we die? Visions of bright lights, people calling out your name and out of body experiences are all strange happenings that have been recorded over time. Hereafter is a film by Clint Eastwood that focuses on three people from different parts of the world who are all touched by death in some way and the afterlife that haunts them.
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George Lonegan (Matt Damon – True Grit, The Adjustment Bureau) is a retired psychic who cannot live a normal life thanks to his ‘gift’ of communicating with the deceased when he touches someone. Marie Lelay (Cecile De France) is a famous French TV presenter who gets caught up in a Tsunami when on holiday and experiences a near-death experience where she believes she passed over to the after life before being resuscitated and loses almost everything in her life when trying to tell her story. Marcus and Jason are two twins being brought up by a drunk and drug-user mother in a London flat but have their worlds torn apart when Jason is suddenly killed leaving Marcus completely on his own but desperately seeking for someone to help him through life.

Hereafter follows each of the three tales that are all interwoven and brings them all together brilliantly. George’s longing for a normal life shows how the gift of speaking to the deceased can also be a curse even when so many people are desperate for his help. Meanwhile the loss for Marcus is touching and hard not to feel for the young boy.
Hereafter film review PlayEject
Three tales that will draw you in and keep you intrigued for the duration of Hereafter that all have the same common element. Each tale is told with detail and emotion that is brought to the screen brilliantly by each actor.

There are some elements of the film that we thought were portrayed brilliantly – the flashes of the afterlife were enough to let the viewer understand what was going on without going into as much detail as to risk offending religion – a tricky balance.

Hereafter is filled with touching moments and brimmed with emotion while never really pushes the audience too far. A film that forces you to think about the events and how something so ordinary could turn into something incredible and life-changing in the blink of an eye. Although Clint Eastwood can sometimes use old cinema cliche’s in his films, Hereafter is a film that offers a lot to everyone.

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