Perhaps most famous for being Jason Bourne, Matt Damon has been in some great films. Green Zone is definitely another he can proudly add to that tally in his role as US Army Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller. Set in Iraq during 2003, Chief Miller is part of the US Army’s movement tasked with seeking out and reporting WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) of which the US government has information to suggest Saddam Hussain is hiding them.

Although loosely based on a true story, Green Zone was massively inspired by the non-fiction book Imperial Life in the Emerald City and also stars Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter, In Bruges), Greg Kinnear (Ghost Town, Friends) and Amy Ryan (The Wire) and is based entirely in the middle East.

After finding yet another empty warehouse thought to contain WMD’s, Chief Miller raises his findings to his commander in charge who ultimately shouts him down and orders him to stick with the intel they are receiving. After seeing this happen, CIA officer Martin Brown (Gleeson) sympathises with Miller and brings him on board with the CIA’s findings which directly conflict with what the US Army are telling their troops.

Miller stays loyal to the task in hand but at the same is conflicted with what to do for the greater good and the good of the Iraqi people. After listening to an Iraqi informer he discovers a meeting set up by one of Saddam’s top generals and takes off in pursuit.
Green Zone 2010 Film review PlayEject
Without going through the entire story we can safely say that this is not just another war film that tries to glorify combat but instead shows the Iraq war and search for WMD’s in a different light to that reported in the media at that time. the added involvement and conspiracies of the US Army, CIA and Saddam’s men that crop up throughout the film show why Green Zone is one of the best films of 2010.

Some might find parts of Green Zone a bit too heavy on the conspiracy side of things – if you’re not concentrating on the film then it would be easy to lose track of who is on who’s side. Others might have wanted a bit more action or gun fighting but to be honest, we thought it was just the right balance between the action from not going over the top and a very good plot line that the majority of people will remember from the news in the early 2000′s.

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