Five Minarets in New York follows a dangerous and famed Islamic leader named Dajjal is discovered to be living in New York – Turkish Secret Police are dispatched to collect the Terrorist from the FBI after they make the arrest. While transporting the prisoner his friends and family mastermind an escape and hide Dajjal but the Turkish Police and FBI are not prepared to let him slip into the night…
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Split between Istanbul and New York, Five Minarets in New York starts strongly with a series of fast paced action scenes with the Turkish Secret Police following leads and knocking down doors of the known criminals and informants to gain intel on Dajjal. Once they have the name of the man they are looking for they head to New York where he is hiding in plain sight.

After finding Dajjal and taking him into custody, the FBI Agent in charge, David Becker (Robert Patrick – Terminator 2), enforces his position in the whole operation by being a hard-ass but plays ball with the Turkish Agents, Acar and Firat. When Dajjal escapes from the help of his wife (Gina Gershon – Face/Off) and family friend Marcus (Danny Glover – Lethal Weapon), the Turkish Secret Police step up their search and take matters into their own hands for hunting him down.

The history of the characters flood back and stir lost emotions as the story progresses in this stop-start Political and Religion based drama. Some of the action scenes and terrorist-led parts of the story are straight out of Jack Bauer’s book from 24 while the more slower paced parts of the film will create different reactions as the events unfold, allowing the audience to connect with the characters and change your perspective of each one as more is revealed.

5 minarets in New York film review PlayEject

Firat doesn't mess around in 5 Minarets in New York

We started watching Five Minarets in new York and felt pretty smug with ourselves when we thought we’d had it all figured out 20 minutes in but that smugness was long gone 10 minutes later when so much more backstory had been drip fed to us.

A warning we should provide to anyone watching Five Minarets in New York is that it does require (and deserve) your full concentration for the duration. If you pop out for a toilet break or drink then expect to spend the rest of the film totally confused as so much happens so quickly – not so much on the action side of things but more in terms of where the characters are and what else has been revealed. This is not necessarily a bad or negative point to the film but it does make it harder viewing for those with a short attention span or those wanting something a bit more relaxing to watch perhaps.

We enjoyed 5 Minarets in New York for what it is – a drama that looks at a slightly different side of the War on Terror and those affected with the sacrifices made in their lives.

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