When we heard about Fanboys, we thought we knew exactly how it would look and the story would go and even the kind of humour we could expect – we were not wrong (sadly). The best way we could describe the Fanboys film is American Pie with Star Wars geeks who go on a road trip. And that’s probably doing American Pie a disadvantage!

The story sees 4 friends who are massive comic book and sci-fi fans come up with a drunken idea of storming Skywalker Ranch to get their hands on the latest Star Wars film before it hits the cinema. The 4 friends are massive stereotypes on the American Teen comedy film genre: with one major geeky, one really serious, one moody with ‘stuff’ going on in his head/life and one slightly overweight, over the top charismatic, doesn’t give a crap-attitude. See what I mean when we said we knew how this film would go?

Well there’s also the pretty girl (played by Kristen Bell from Heroes) who befriends and puts up with the 4 geeks and has done all through school. She was the voice of concern before they set off on their journey west in their custom painted van and ends up bailing them out of jail when they get arrested for speeding.

As the Fanboys are huge fans of Star Wars, there are tons of references to the films from subtle things like some of the dialogue between the friends (thrown in to the general conversations) to massive in-your-face obvious references that even people who’ve not seen Star Wars would fail to recognise. Fanboys film review by PlayEject

the comedy is slap-stick in parts and typical American Teen comedy for the rest. If you’ve seen Road Trip, Dude Where’s my Car or American Pie then you’ll pretty much understand where we’re coming from. Although in fairness to Fanboys, it never dresses itself up or tries to be anything other than a comedy film about 4 geeky friends trying to live out a fantasy.

One scene we found really funny was where the Fanboys interrupted a Star Trek tour and had a classic argument and scuffle with the Trekkers in true Star Trek-choreograph with no-one-getting-hurt style!

If you like your comedy cheap with no surprises and a good dose of harmless fun then you’ll likely enjoy Fanboys. For us, it was too obvious and it had all been done before – even the attention to detail to the Star Wars facts and paraphernalia couldn’t win us over.

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