Fair Game stars Naomi Watts and Sean Penn as a married couple who work for the CIA and help provide intelligence on a report about WMD’s in the middle East following the 9/11 attacks. Based on a real-life set of events, CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson (Naomi Watts) is shunned by the CIA after her Radioligy physicist husband, Joe Wilson (Sean Penn) goes public about his conflicting discoveries on WMD’s against the official White House view point.

It starts off with Naomi Watts deep undercover in the Middle East and a number of operations under her belt. Also at the heart of the search for intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s), Plame calls in the help of her husband, Joe, to investigate first hand the sites at Iran where suspected of manufacturing these bombs. Without any evidence of WMDs in Joe and Valerie’s reports yet the news of WMD’s in existence, Joe takes the matter in his own hands and start going public on the matter against tge Bush administration which raises attentions of the CIA who ultimately remove Valerie from her post and leave her out to dry as her identity is leaked.
Fair Game 2010 review Sean Penn Naomi Watts Film review PlayEject
This spurs Joe on more to seek the truth behind everything and to clear his and his wife’s name – which is effectively the large part of the film. This sees a lot of quiet talking then loud shouting as important points are raised and discussed before more drama is unveiled.

There’s a lot of to and fro between the USA and Iran for Fair Game – its done well and kept sensible enough to be able to follow but will lose some audiences if they nip out for a toilet break at any moment.

We were expecting a bit more action than we got from Fair Game. Its not a dull watch by any means, in fact it is engrossing stuff, but at times it went in a bit heavy on the morale stand points about certain things (rightly or wrongly depending on your Political standing) while other areas, which could have changed the gear of the film’s proceedings, were glossed over altogether.
Fair Game 2010 review Sean Penn Naomi Watts Film review PlayEject
We did enjoy Fair Game – its an interesting true story of betrayal and morale over patriotic loyalty and everything Valerie Plame believed in. We have to admit to having not seen Valerie Plame’s real life hearing on TV but Naomi Watts does a brilliant job as both a beliveable spy and that of a woman at the end of her tether.

While this might not be light viewing, it is a good film that misses the mark slightly.

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