Devil is the first in a trilogy of modern day horror films from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan. This supernatural thriller is about 5 characters who are stuck in an elevator and soon discover there is more to each of them than first thought…!

Devil begins with a voice over about an old wives tale of the Devil taking the form of somebody on earth who tracks down those who have sinned and turns them against each other. And that sets out the plot for the film. We are then shown a few minutes background to each of the five characters who end up in the elevator and then see them brought together through a series of random events to end up together.

Meanwhile, former alcoholic Detective Bowden (Chris Messina) is attending a suicide crime scene which is traced back to the same building the five are trapped in the lift. He’s called into action when the first person in the elevator is mysteriously murdered during a freak power cut. From then on in Devil becomes a who-dunnit with some tense scenes.

While watching Devil we came up with our own guesses as to who the Devil actually was out of the five people in the lift and its something that you won’t be able to help yourselves doing either. Even if you get it right, the story gives nothing away until the end and makes for good entertainment as you want to find out who it is and how everything ties in.
Devil Film Review PlayEject
As usual, PlayEject give nothing away in the films so you will have to watch to find out what happens but we will say that the action is split between Detective Bowden and the staff security trying to work out what is happening and performing a rescue attempt on the five while the rest of the film is set within the elevator as we are drip fed more and more about each character, their backstory and how they ended up where they are.

Although not massively scary, there are tense scenes and it does have some gory moments but nothing seems gratuitous and instead provides Devil with a bit of substance.

Devil feels a little bit like Buried (for the claustrophobia) meets the Final Destination series (for the mystical ‘random’ events that bring people together).

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