Despicable Me is another animated family comedy film from the makers of the Ice Age movies.

Despicable Me is set in a world where there are no Super Heroes, only Super Villains. The story follows Gru, a Super Villain who is set on being the best around after a new kid on the block has just out done everyone by stealing the Pyramids.

Gru and his minions go about trying to carry out the most evil of all plans – to steal the moon! However, Gru finds adopting 3 sisters from an Orphanage to unknowingly help him to achieve this plan…

Despicable Me is not only laugh-out-loud funny, it is also a great family film that will keep the attention of kids, with the antics of the minions, as well as adults with its subtle references and humour.

Its the minions that really steal the show in Despicable Me – they are the yellow characters that are employed by Gru to perform whatever tasks he requires to help him accomplish his evil deeds. They also turn up to help Gru in his mishaps and are babysitters for the 3 sisters.

We don’t want to give too much away about the story in Despicable Me so won’t mention much more – all we can say is that it really is worth watching whether you have kids or not.

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