New York is no stranger to a monster or two – King Kong has climbed the Empire State building (twice), Godzilla layed eggs in Madison Square Garden – so when another alien creature attacks Manhattan and beheads the Statue of Liberty it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock!

Cloverfield’s unique take on the Monster genre is that it is filmed entirely through a camcorder. Following a small group of people who are throwing a leaving party for a friend (who’s camcorder it is), the fun is cut short when a loud crash is heard outside and the power goes off – on further investigation from the apartment rooftop it looks like most of Manhattan’s power is lost, fires and explosions are happening and people are screaming.

After evacuating the apartment the small group end up running for their lives when a huge monster is seen attacking buildings and people. The Army arrive to try and restore order and tackle the monster but when smaller creatures fall off the larger one and attack in swarms, nowhere is safe to be in New York.Cloverfield film review Play Eject

Cloverfield is designed to look like a documentary showing secret footage of the events during the attack from the monster on New York through the playback of the camcorder. Not all questions will be answered through watching but you will want to see this film more than once to spot other things that you may have missed the first time around.

Although some people reported experiencing motion sickness when watching Cloverfield from the cinema, this is a must-see film that everyone at PlayEject loves. This is one of the best large-monster movies in a long time and the unique camcorder perspective helps to make you feel as though you are experiencing the events as they happened, rather than just being played by actors. It can get frustrating when the video is shaking or wont get into focus when they are running, etc and we also did find ourselves asking why anyone would film so much if they were under attack from an alien monster but thats part of the fun of the film!

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