Who’d have thought that being a truck driver in the Far East would be a dangerous job? Well Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) probably expected a certain amount of danger when he became just that but he likely didn’t expect to wake up on his own in a wooden box buried underneath the desert somewhere in the unknown.

With only his lighter and mobile phone, Conroy tries to work out who put him in the box and why he is there. With poor reception on his phone and diminishing oxygen, its a race against the clock to not only find out the answers but to escape and stay alive..!

Buried is definitely not for any sufferers of claustrophobia as Reynolds does an excellent job of holding the attention of the audience on his own for 90 minutes – something we were dubious could be pulled off before watching.Buried Film review Play Eject

The lack of supporting actors or variation in locations won’t appeal to some but the way the story unfolds and we learn more about the situation and Paul Conroy as a person, the more charm the film has and you can’t help but feel part of the experience with Reynolds as he fights for space and air.

There’s really not much can be said in a review without giving away too much and it would be criminal to do so as Buried is a film that packs a lot of emotion and suspense into 90 minutes that will split most audiences. It is well worth a watch and Reynolds acting is superb.

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