A bad mouthed teacher with a bad attitude is dumped by her sugar daddy but sets her sights on a new target when a new co worker is discovered to be rich as well as good looking. Going against her usual lifestyle and pitting against a well loved fellow teacher, Cameron Diaz is a Bad Teacher.

Thinking she will never need to work as a teacher again, Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) leaves her last day at school to get home and find her husband and mother-in-law waiting to kick her back out for being a gold-digger. Forced to return back to work at the school, Elizabeth is introduced to the new teacher, Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake) who is getting over his long term relationship after a recent break up. After discovering how rich Scott is, Elizabeth sets to work on seducing him much to the blatant annoyance of zany-yet-lovable teacher Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch).
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Convinced that the only way Scott is going to fall for her (and earn her share of his fortune), Elizabeth starts saving for a boob job by using the best assets she has – albeit immoral and against everything Amy stands for. All the while, gym coach Russell (Jason Segel) takes every opportunity to hit on Elizabeth with his relaxed charm and easy going personality.

Cameron Diaz does a great job of being the teacher from hell – Bad Teacher has the tagline: “She doesn’t give an F” and that works so well. It’s a comedy that works at being funny with some original jokes and characters that come across well. The problems really come with the amount of jokes that are packed in to it. While the majority of gags will go down well with most audiences, by the time you’ve gotten half way through the film you start to feel that some of the jokes were expected or were obvious in how they were being built up.

Bad Teacher film review Cameron Diaz PlayEject

Those who can – teach in Bad Teacher

The characters also start to grate – although Amy Squirrel starts off as a slightly crazy teacher with a good heart, there comes a point in the film where we just got a bit fed up of her as it was the same old thing.

Justin Timberlake plays his part well as the air-head rich boy who is too good to be true but his character also goes a bit sidewards and comes out with some very odd behaviour towards the end which looking back, didn’t fit with the rest of his character.
Bad Teacher film review Cameron Diaz PlayEject
None of this should really detract from what is essentially a light hearted comedy film that makes no bones about being a little bit silly. Its just that we found it hard to really enjoy it, despite laughing out loud at the start and even guffawing at some of the slapstick moments.

Convinced that a boob job will make Scott fall for her, Elizabeth sets her heart and soul on earning as much cash as she can by any means necessary. This involves the usual unethical and immoral methods such as turning up in hotpants for a fundraising car wash then pocketing the money or trying to win the school exam bonus. All the while Amy is trying to dig dirt on Elizabeth to the Dolphin loving headmaster and forcing back a mental breakdown.

We were reminded of School of Rock while watching bad teacher. Except Jack Black isn’t a hot Cameron Diaz. And he didn’t need a boob job. Nor did he try and pull a fellow teacher. But it was definitely about a school and was good for a laugh the first time around. However, watching it again doesn’t interest us.

The trouble is, Bad Teacher is just a bit too predictable – enjoyable, but predictable.

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