What would you do if your home came under attack from a strange alien race that had just landed, attacking and killing everyone it comes across? Attack the Block lets teenagers run riot around their homes – a block of flats in London – taking on the hairy aliens with Nick Frost as a Drug pusher and Jodie Whittaker as a victim of the teenagers fluffed mugging attempt who ends up helping the gang.

We had hoped that Attack The Block would be a decent British Comedy – Nick Frost has been in some pretty good films (partnered with Simon Pegg) and given the chance to shine in this film which holds potential to be a cult classic we sat down with crossed fingers that we wouldn’t be disappointed.

Bonfire night in London and we follow a small gang of teenagers who run amok in one of London’s many council flat blocks as they try to mug a young woman, Sam (Jodie Whittaker), but are interrupted when a parked car is suddenly crushed by a falling object. The gang, led by Moses (John Boyega) inspect and find an angry alien who attacks them so they kill it.

When more things crash land and start hunting the gang down, the teenagers take refuge in their block and hole up with the same girl they had previously mugged. Somewhere along the line, local weed suppler Ron (Nick Frost) is dragged into the mess along with his boss and local gangster get involved in trying to find and shoot the teenagers for wrecking his car.

Along the journey of survival and counter attack against the hairy wolf-bear aliens there are some pretty funny moments – like when the kids realise what they’ve gotten themselves in for and wish they’d stayed at home to play Fifa instead!

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hairy aliens Attack the Block!

Other than the few funny moments (which can be counted on one hand) and the initial disappointment at Nick Frosts unfunny cameo, Attack the Block is bland and boring. The major downfall of the whole film is that from the start the so called heroes are actually little buggers that in any other circumstances you’d hoped get eaten by the aliens first. In making these kids the centre of attention for the film and so disliked from the off puts them at a disadvantage to the viewer – its hard to build up a connection from screen to audience when you’re not rooting for the main characters.

Plus we found it incredible that given how much destruction and chaos took place that nobody called the Police or even stepped out of their front door to see what the commotion was about – resulting in a low budget film being kept on a shoe-string with low actor budgets.

Overall we were disappointed with Attack the Block – there was a lot of potential to make this a decent film with only a smattering of funny moments to take the edge off what would otherwise have been a complete fail.

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