Apollo 18 is the mission to the moon that never happened. Scrapped by the USA government due to lack of funding, Apollo 17 was the last of America’s space race missions. However, one particular website has uploaded some highly classified footage from the Apollo 18 mission that did go ahead with the 2 American Astronauts land on the moon to carry out a secret expedition of installing radars on the moon’s surface to detect Russian missiles in the event of a war.
Apollo 18 film 2011 review PlayEject
What starts out as a documentary style film, Apollo 18 is filmed entirely through a series of remote video recorders (strapped to the Astronauts’ suits) and surveillance cameras from the lunar crafts in the grainy and sometimes distorted way that 1970′s film had to offer. Following a small team of American Astronauts who are sent on a secret mission to the moon, their families under the impression they are at a training camp in China, the Apollo 18 mission turns into something much more unexpected!

As always, PlayEject don’t want to give any spoilers away that would ruin the experience for you so as such we won’t go into too much detail about the film. What we will say is that there are some jumpy moments in Apollo 18 that will get even the most hardened of film veterans a bit twitchy. The suspense levels are raised when the two Astroanuts, Benjamin Anderson (Warren Christie) and Nathan Walker (Lloyd Owen) are cut off from Houston from some strange interference over their communications lines and are spooked by some odd footprints left in the moon dust. When the lunar Rover (their car for the moon) is found flipped over and damaged with the flag of the United States torn to pieces, you get the distinct impression that what starts off as a documentary style film will quickly move into the likes of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield.
Apollo 18 Film Review 2011 PlayEject
Because Apollo 18 is filmed via a series of fixed cameras and from the 2 space suits, there are a few moments where its clear that the ‘footage’ is filmed purely for the storyline and not from surveillance – as an example, if we were trapped on the moon with air supplies running low, an injured party and some creepy stuff happening, we might forget to carry our camera around with us! But to be fair, the story and suspense does immerse you to forget that the whole film is made up from leaked footage and does feel like a real film.

Overall, we were quite pleased with Apollo 18 – we really weren’t sure how it was going to go after a relatively slow start but glad we experienced it. The ‘documentary’ continues right through the credits with none of the films actors being named in the credits and with a dedicated website: created as part of the Apollo 18 film experience. Perhaps not the best sci-fi thriller we’ve ever seen but well worth a watch!

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