Altitude was released in 2010 as a straight to DVD horror/thriller film. The story is about a female pilot who is taking her 4 friends on a 90 minute flight in a small rented plane. Following her mothers footsteps as a small-craft pilot, the daughter – Sara (played by Jessica Lowndes from 90210) is constantly aware that her mother was killed in a plane accident 10 years earlier. But what caused the accident is back to haunt Sara as well…

Altitude is a teen horror film but with a twist – instead of a psychotic killer on the loose, the majority of the film is done from within the confines of a small plane. Its quite cleverly done how the horror angle is written in to the story but in all honesty, Altitude lets itself down on any real excitement.

Its actually not until 1 hour in that anything really happens in terms of the huge tentacled monster that we are teased with on the front cover. And then its only a series of quick glimpses when the lightening storm flashes.Altitude film review PlayEject

The rest of the characters on board the plane are made up of Sara’s cousin, Cory, best friend Mel and her boyfriend Sal and Sara’s boyfriend Bruce. Within 10 minutes of doing the Altitude review we were hoping Sal was the first to get killed off – with most teen horror films there’s an annoying over enthusiastic one but this guy is on another level.

There’s a confusing love triangle between Sal, Mel and Cory as well where Cory is clearly trying it on with Sal’s girfriend Mel and Sal reacts as you’d expect under the circumstances. But then 2 minutes later they seem to be the best of friends again – it was so confusing that it was a pointless part to the story and only appeared to be there to help fill time between the ‘tension’.Altitude film review PlayEject

As well as a weak supporting storyline, there is no real horror element to Altitude. Being ‘trapped’ in a heavy storm and seemingly climbing endlessly sets up the tension for the characters but the flashes of the ‘monster’ doesn’t build on this and the characters don’t convey themselves enough to the audience to make you feel part of the fear factor. Indeed the only time we felt anything for anything of the characters was when Cory decided to go outside of the plane (yes – it happens) to unjam the rudders. So far fetched but then again the whole film isn’t exactly a documentary.

Overall, we didn’t expect much from Altitude and it didn’t surpass those expectations. It wasn’t necessarily a terrible film, it just doesn’t have anything special to give it that ooomph.

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