Colin Firth plays an English professor who is left alone in the world after his partner dies in a car crash while visiting his parents. 1960′s Los Angeles was not the most open place in the world about homosexuality and consequently Firth feels more alone than ever despite winning many awards for his role as A Single Man.
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As a homosexual in 1960′s LA, life was tough enough for Professor George Falconer. When his partner, Jim, suddenly dies in an accident and is shunned by the family from even attending the funeral, George’s life is turned upside down. He is now alone in the world with the only friend he has is Charley (Julianne Moore), who is unstable and equally miserable in life yet desperate for a relationship with George.

After teaching his English class, George has a lengthy conversation with Kenny (Nicholas Hoult) who is a student but clearly not bothered by the typical boundaries a student and teacher should have. Kenny is clearly infatuated with George and sparks up conversations that lead George to confusion.

The whole way through the film George decides that looking at life as he was is no way to live and from a certain point early on in the film starts to change the way he views things. It is as if he is looking at things for the first time or perhaps the last time – this is signified throughout by the colour of that scene becoming more prominent. When George is in conversation with Kenny at one point, the colour in Kenny’s face starts to increase and eventually become more and more obvious compared to the rest of the film that this is happening.
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A Single Man is told with such emotion that it is hard not to be gripped by Colin Firth’s performance as a grieving widower trapped in a world that he cannot live comfortably in. Add to that the experiences he goes through with a small number of people that change his views and outlook on life in such a dramatic way that it really is no wonder how A Single Man and Colin Firth won or was nominated for so many awards.

One word of warning is that A Single Man is a very slowly paced film. Given that the story is told with a series of flashbacks and a small period of George Falconer’s life, it really has to be told this way and is brought over very well but some viewers will get bored or left wanting more.

Overall, A Single Man is a good film told very well but is not light viewing nor will it appeal to everyone. For those reasons we simply cannot rate this film higher than 3 stars.

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