If ever there’s an advert for making sure you keep your phone charged and on you all times, 127 Hours is it!! It is the incredible true story of Aron Ralston (James Franco), a mountain climber and thrill-seeker who ended up trapped in the middle of the Utah desert alone for 127 hours and the desperate measures he goes to in order to survive.

As Aron sets out on a long weekend bike riding and mountain climbing near Moab, he forgets his mobile phone and ignores a call from his mother as he’s leaving the house. After a chance meeting with another couple of backpackers, Aron goes it alone, skipping over huge drops along the top of canyons and ridges until he slips and ends up wedged between a wall and a boulder.

127 Hours film review PlayEject

Thrill seeker Aron is about to take a fall

Unable to dislodge the boulder, Aron realises he’s in a load of trouble and sets about trying to free himself and make himself as comfortable as possible given the situation. With only a camcorder to record messages to his family in the hope someone will find them and a small amount of water, it becomes a race to stay alive and be found or die of thirst and hunger.

We already knew the story of Aron before watching but weren’t disappointed or felt that spoilt anything at all. In fact it just heightened the suspense as we knew certain things would happen but when they happened was something else. We don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t heard of Aron’s amazing feat of survival but its fair to say that while we were watching 127 Hours, everyone at PlayEject realised there’s no way in hell we’d have managed to survive it.
127 hours film review PlayEject
James Franco has a difficult job of holding the attention of the audience on his own the most part and does it well. Its similar to Buried in that there’s primarily only 1 main character alone for so long but there’s a lot more environmental influence here that plays a big part in the situation for Franco.

The fact this is a true story goes a long way to make this appeal more than we feel it normally would. Thats not to say it isn’t enjoyable and entertaining – it certainly is – its just that the story could have been put to question and the whole film discredited somewhat. As it is, this is a true, incredible story that should be seen at least once. Granted there’s some parts viewers of a more delicate disposition may not enjoy but on the whole its very relevant, far from gratuitous and truly awe-inspiring.

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