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May 4, 2011

PSN Back online?

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Written by: PlayEject
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So today is the day Sony have intimated the PSN might come back online – so far we’re still waiting.

We’ve also heard that when it does come back online, there will be a mandatory patch to be downloaded and installed which will then prompt you to change your PSN password.

Suggestions are that the behind the scenes work done by Sony will mean that patches will be set for most games, meaning before we can get back playing we will have to wait for the download. A small price to pay if it tightens security and helps future prevention against hackers!

Its a shame that its taken such an event to get Sony (and hopefully Microsoft and Nintendo to do the same) to really sharpen up on securing credit card and personal details for faithful users.

A recent survey undertaken on our facebook page shows that most PS3 uses are looking to stop using their PS3 and perhaps trade in for an Xbox 360 – if this is the case then surely gamers who were previously thinking of purchasing a new PS3 would also reconsider…!

Since this story was released, the PSN is back online. Read more about the PSN back online here.

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