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May 12, 2011

Gears of War 3 – Preview


Gears of War 3 is easily the most anticipated game of 2011. Since Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago defeated the Locust hoarde and saw the Lambient rise in previous outings and Adam Fenix was heard at the end of Gears 2, fans have been eagerly anticipating the chance to wield chainsaws, fire guns and send more grunts ‘back in their hole’.

If you purchased the Epic version of Bulletstorm then you will have had access to the Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta and by now you’ve probably racked up a fair amount of kills and seen what is on offer. For those that haven’t had chance, there is a public Beta Gears of War 3 release available if you pre-order from certain stores.

If you’ve managed to live your life under a rock for the last 5 years then you might not have heard of Marcus Fenix or Gears of War – the biggest game of the Xbox 360s early days, or its sequel which featured more testosterone filled encounters with the Lambent and Hoard with emotional story lines and some pretty cool bosses.Gears of War 3 Preview PlayEject

Gears of War 3 looks like its shaping up to impress yet again. The graphics look fantastic – if you’ve played the Beta then you’ll know what we mean. Not just the character modeling and the movement of the players but also the scenery and the backdrops – everything looks brilliant and fits in with the Gears theme of post-war landscapes.

Although some of the same cast are still there, including the PlayEject fave – Augustus “the Cole Train” Cole! – there are new additions. You may have seen the blonde pictured in some previews, well this is the face of Anya, the voice of Gears command who has helped guide you through the previous Gears of War games. Anya can now be shown via a holographic display but its unclear if she’ll end up joining the fight at some point – especially as she’s Marcus’ potential love interest and is seen holding a rather large gun…!

Whatever happens in the build up to September 2011 and the release of Gear of War 3, PlayEject will report to you with the latest news and review as soon as we can!

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