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May 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 – Game Preview

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Battlefield 3 is set to be released just a few days after Modern Warfare 3 but is looking like it might steal Activision’s crown this time around. From what we’ve seen of Battlefield 3, we are very, very impressed.

The official 12 minute gameplay trailer (see below) demonstrates the improvements on the graphics and realism that EA are putting in to the latest Battlefield release. As soon as the trailer kicks off you can see the detail in almost everything from the guns and your character (Sgt Black) to the way the dust floats away after you’ve fired a few rounds through an enemy and into a wall. Its like watching a film.

The extra touches we’ve seen and heard make the whole environment come to life – from the first person perspective helplessly shaking when a nearby explosion was detonated to car horns and sirens in the background while running around the back streets – EA have gone lengths to try and create a world around you rather than make you and then the world. Battlefield 3 Game Preview PlayEject

If you’ve played any of the previous Battlefield games then you’ll know the big things to expect from the series (especially over CoD/Modern Warfare) are the destructible scenery and the available vehicles. Both of which are present in Battlefield 3. Looking at the trailer and especially when taking a sniper out from a building, the devastation that can be caused with a well placed rocket launcher means there’s no safe hiding spots – excellent news for those who hate the ‘campers’ from other FPS games. So if you can’t get a clear shot on some guy who keeps hiding behind a wall, blow up the wall – ace!

The Battlefield gameplay trailer doesn’t show much in the way of drivable vehicles but it does give a sneak peek at the end – whether this is in game footage or cut scenes is not clear but either way it shows the possibilities of Battlefield and what we can expect.

All in all, we’re very excited about Battlefield 3 – due out in Autumn 2011, check back with PlayEject for more info as and when it happens…

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