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September 13, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC: The Missing Link

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Just a few short weeks after the launch and success of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, new Downloadable Content is set to be available in October 2011. Under the name: The Missing Link, the Deus Ex dlc will look to extend the game play of the main game by allowing you to continue playing as Adam Jensen in a mission that ties directly into the main story and filling in some gaps at the same time.

Without spoiling anything in the brilliant story of Deus Ex Human Revolution, Adam Jensen goes missing for a few days without any explanation – there is no trace of what happened during those days but The Missing Link dlc replays these events and answers some questions in the process.
Deus Ex Human Revolution The Missing Link dlc PlayEject
Apparently Adam Jensen will be stripped of all Augmentations and must find out where he is, who is holding him and why he is being tortured, rebuilding the Augmentations in the process. Its a new environment away from the dirty streets of Detroit or Shanghai and although the enemies will be human based guards, they will come with their own set of skills and weapons to sneak past or take down.

Being able to rebuild the full Augmentation set from the ground up is a bold idea, especially as so much of the main story thrives off the Augmentations and the upgrade process but The Missing Link is clearly looking to provide another way of approaching Deus Ex: Human Revolution and we welcome it!!

Deus Ex Human Revolution – The Missing Link trailer

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