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May 6, 2011

Sony say sorry for PSN Security Breach

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Sony CEO Howard Smith assures Playstation Network (PSN) users that there is still no evidence that their credit card details have been taken after the hack of Sony’s servers in April, thought to be by the hacking movement, Anonymous, who have since denied responsibility after issuing a public statement.

Howard Smith has written a public letter to all PSN users in which he acknowledges Sony should have notified those affected by the Security breach sooner.

The letter to PSN users continues to say that as well as there being no evidence of credit card data being misused, there is also no evidence of gamers personal data being misused either. Presumably Smith is referring to attempts of Identity Theft (although would any victims necessarily know this quickly?) but continues to say that Sony are launching a new $1m insurance policy for each of its users against Identity Theft for the US users. PSN UK users and others across the world will have to wait to see what Sony come up with for us.

So far, the PSN Security breach has compromised the personal data of over 100m users. Despite hinting at the PSN being back online earlier this week, we are yet to see any online functions available with only fresh hints at PSN being back online next week (w/c May 9th 2011).

The saga continues…

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