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A brief introduction to Gaming!

The gaming industry is massive – a multi million dollar industry that has grown at a tremendous rate over the last 10 years and continued to do so despite a global recession! So how has this happened and what makes gaming...
by PlayEject


E3 2011 – Day 2 News Round Up

So the E3 2011 Expo is well underway and after some massive announcements at E3 2011 Day 1, Day 2 is shaping up to have some of its own big news… Sony have announced the Vita – the new NGP (Next Generation Portable)...
by PlayEject


PSN Back online?

So today is the day Sony have intimated the PSN might come back online – so far we’re still waiting. We’ve also heard that when it does come back online, there will be a mandatory patch to be downloaded and in...
by PlayEject



C64 – the C stands for Comeback

Any gamer over the age of 25 will have fond memories of the classic Commodore 64 with its distinct beige keyboard and tape deck, rainbow logo and the famous blue and white display from the load screen. Anyone thats played on a ...
by PlayEject


Kinect, Move or Wii??

The next generation consoles seem to be quite a way off being released – there’s no scheduled date for any new Xbox (despite the many fanboys hoping for an Xbox 720 this year), Sony will no doubt be doing some serio...
by PlayEject