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C64 – the C stands for Comeback

Any gamer over the age of 25 will have fond memories of the classic Commodore 64 with its distinct beige keyboard and tape deck, rainbow logo and the famous blue and white display from the load screen. Anyone thats played on a ...
by PlayEject


Kinect, Move or Wii??

The next generation consoles seem to be quite a way off being released – there’s no scheduled date for any new Xbox (despite the many fanboys hoping for an Xbox 720 this year), Sony will no doubt be doing some serio...
by PlayEject


E3 2011 – Day 1 News Round Up

For everyone in the gamin industry E3 is a big deal. It’s where all the software houses and game developers can show off their upcoming games to a mass audience that will reach millions and hope to generate interest and h...
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HMV RePlay Trade App launch

Whether you agree with the concept or not, trading in a game after you’ve finishing playing it is one of the best ways to help afford that next title to your collection. The market for the Trade-In games is massive as all...
by PlayEject


Games blamed for London Riots

As the riots in London spread across the country, everyone is having their say as to why they have gotten so out of control. Reported in the London Evening Standard, one Police Constable has quoted that the popular gaming serie...
by PlayEject