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E3 2011 – Day 2 News Round Up

So the E3 2011 Expo is well underway and after some massive announcements at E3 2011 Day 1, Day 2 is shaping up to have some of its own big news… Sony have announced the Vita – the new NGP (Next Generation Portable)...
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Preowned Games – Who really benefits?

Walk into any store that sells video games and you will no doubt be faced with two options for each game – the New version or Preowned. Preowned Games tend to be a bit cheaper and you can pick up some real bargains if you...
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Games blamed for London Riots

As the riots in London spread across the country, everyone is having their say as to why they have gotten so out of control. Reported in the London Evening Standard, one Police Constable has quoted that the popular gaming serie...
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Sony Website Offline?

Just been trying to log in to the Sony UK Playstation website and get the ‘internal server’ error message. Not the first time we’ve had this since the attacks back in April which saw the Sony PS Network hacked...
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Sony say sorry for PSN Security Breach

Sony CEO Howard Smith assures Playstation Network (PSN) users that there is still no evidence that their credit card details have been taken after the hack of Sony’s servers in April, thought to be by the hacking movement...
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